Plan your visit in line with the
Pilsen – European Capital of Culture highlights
In the year 2015, when it becomes the European
Capital of Culture, Pilsen is going to offer more
than 50 major cultural events and over 600
other diverse performances varying from classic
theatre and music concerts, over dance and new
circus presentations and state-of-art multimedia
projects. The majority of the events will take place
in public areas. The wide range offers a perfect
opportunity to experience beautiful spots of West
Bohemian metropolis and enjoy unique moments
of the rich cultural programme.
January 2015
The Opening Ceremony of the City
For the coronation ceremony of Pilsen as the European Capital
of Culture, the organizers are planning an outstanding opening
ceremony in public area. The main attraction of the evening full
of music, images, excitement and emotions will be a unique
performance of world-famous tightrope walker David Dimitri.
January – November 2015
Le Cirque Nouveau Season
New circus is accompanying the whole programme of the year
The world´s leading new circus ensembles will present
their art one by one. Pilsen will host top performers and acrobats
from France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Switzerland. Each of nine
ensembles will perform several times to satisfy the audience.
– 21
of February 2015
Festival of Light
The historic city centre will be lightened up by video-mapping,
light installations and design. The festival will enable to visitors to
enjoy the city in a completely different atmosphere.
– 6
May 2015
Liberation Festival
The spectacular celebrations of the 70
anniversary of Pilsen´s
liberation by the US army will offer a remarkable atmosphere of
the tradition when locals together with American and Belgian
veterans commemorate the events of the end of the Second
World War in May 1945.
of June 2015
Gathering of Sokol Movement
Nearly one thousand of seniors will perform a modern
choreography by Petr Jašek paying tribute to the old age and the
tradition of mass gymnastics festivals of Sokol –
a Czech patriotic movement that goes back into 1860s.
June – 30
August 2015
Weeks of Baroque
Nine venues with a spectacular Baroque architecture will be
revived by concerts, theatre and fine art for 9 weeks. During the
period, the unique cultural heritage of Pilsen region will attract
visitors by more than usual guided tours may offer.
– 30
August 2015
Royal de Luxe
Giant, several meters tall mechanical marionettes of French street
theatre company Royal de Luxe will perform in the East of Berlin for
the first time. Visitors of Pilsen will have a chance to meet the one-
of-its-kind gigantic pieces of art in the streets of the city centre.
Unique exhibitions of the
Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 programme
Munich: Shining Metropolis of Art
January – April 2015)
The significant collection of works painted by the artists of
the famous Munich School and Der Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider)
avant-garde artistic movement will present the best pieces of
modernism and Munich fin de siècle of Villa Stuck and the
Lenbachhaus Gallery in the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen.
Jiří Trnka Studio
January – April 2015)
The very first profile exhibition of the work of Pilsen – born,
world-famous puppet-maker and artist Jiří Trnka. The exhibition
Jiří Trnka Studio is being prepared by the Pilsen Municipal
Gallery. A family collection of drawings, sculptures, puppets and
dioramas will be completed by artefacts provided by the National
Gallery and other partners.
Trnka´s Garden 2
March – June 2015)
An interactive exposition encompassing the form of art exhibition,
theatre and animated film will drag visitors into the plot of Jiří
Trnka’s book for children called “The Garden”.
Gottfried Lindauer
May – August 2015)
The invaluable colletion of 40 Maori portraits by a Pilsen
artist Gottfried Lidnauaer is considered to be a national treasure
by the New Zealand inhabitants.
Ladislav Sutnar
all the 2015 round)
A series of exhibitions of Pilsen-born designer Ladislav Sutnar
will introduce the work of world-recognized founder of modern
design in a wider context.
West Bohemian Baroque
October 2015 – January 2016)
This unique exhibition in the West Bohemian Gallery is devoted to
the Baroque art, history and cultural heritage of the Pilsen region.
Adolf Loss Interiors in Pilsen
Adolf Loos is a significant personality of modern architecture of
the 20
century who designed more than a dozen of apartment
interiors in Pilsen. Comparing the number of unique realization
Pilsen can even compete with Vienna. In the year 2015,
a guidedtour including at least 2 apartments with renovated
original Loos furnishing will be open to public.
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