Thanks to the rich history of Třebíč, visitors can admire many valuable
monuments included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural
Heritage, such as the Basilica of St. Prokop, which ranks among the pearls of
medieval architecture of European significance, or the unique Jewish quarter
and the best preserved Jewish cemetery in the Czech Republic.
Interactive exhibition ˝Journeys
through Time˝
The interactive exhibition ˝Journeys through
Time˝, which is installed in the reconstructed
wing of Třebíč’s chateau, offers an
unconventional way of discovering the history
and historic crafts of Třebíč. The exhibition
is intended for visitors of all age groups and
includes interactive exhibits, where visitors
can enjoy a hands-on experience of the work
of the old masters. The entire exhibition is
symbolically accompanied by two historically
documented figures of Třebíč townsmen,
the chronicler Suchenia and the merchant
Calligardi, who present three thematic
options to you. First, try out what it was like
to work as a master of medieval architecture,
then take up the invitation to medieval Třebíč
and both guides will introduce you to various
traditional crafts.
Laguna Aquapark
In Třebíč, tourists can visit the new local
attraction, which has become very popular
in the city – the Laguna Aquapark, which
has expanded the original swimming pool
of the sports complex by adding a fun and
relaxation area. Visitors to the complex
can thus alternate fitness swimming with
relaxation in various types of saunas, steam
baths, a shower corner with tropical rain or
with fun on the 132 m long water slide, in
the wild river, rocking cradle, whirlpools,
underwater cave with an aquarium and many
other attractions. The fun zone includes an
outdoor saltwater pool.
Vysočina Museum Třebíč –
museum of the 21st century
After extensive reconstruction, the
Vysočina Museum Třebíč has reopened.
The museum attracts visitors with its four
new exhibitions – mineralogy, monastery,
castle and museum. All of these exhibitions
include not only interesting exhibits and
information about natural and historical facts
in southwest Moravia, but also interactive
elements that will educate you in a fun way.
Come to Třebíč to see more than
just UNESCO sites