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Czech Travelogue 2/2014

The religion of the new surpasses any industry including tourism. The truth is it is something different to talk about new ideas than actually come up with them. Although sometimes it suffices to pick up an old and forgotten idea and transform it. It is very very cool to create something new from a worn out thing. And this way fresh and original things are born and they have the right to belong to the category NEWLY DISCOVERED. In a similar cathartic way the Cabaret was brought back to Prague. Its temperamental roadsteads take place at U Fleků (yes, the same pub that no Prague Baedeker leaves out) can be found on page 16. However, the problem with NEW is that it is over the moment another new thing comes up. Its lifetime is limited unless time proves its worth which can be quite quick and quite fatal. But what isn´t lost and succeeds in life on top despite its old age, is…let´s say tradition. The longer, the better. In the case of the Czech spa industry it is based on the tradition which has been developing since the Middle Ages and yet it doesn´t seem that faith in it would fade. More and more people including parents and children who annually visit spas believe it. This is one reason why we devoted our health section to the treatment of children. Thanks to Czech balneology and its traditional principles lots of healthy people will head towards something undiscovered, new. Inspired reading on behalf of the editors.